Become a 3D concrete printer assistant operator - Crash Course (6-3Dcp-assistant)

During this practical, hands-on course, we’ll teach you how to operate 3D concrete printer systems in our facility in Oss, the Netherlands. After this course, you'll be able to successfully execute any print job with the fixed CyBe R Robot printer or the mobile CyBe RC Robot Crawler printer.

Course Curriculum
  • Introduction
  • Controller
  • Robotic system
  • Print base and crawler
  • Mix Pump System
  • Operator roles
  • Print logistics
  • Software
  • Close

For who is this course?
This training course is for everyone who is interested in 3D concrete printing and wants to learn how to operate the CyBe Robotic Crawler printer. Whether you are looking to work in construction in the future or are already working in the construction industry, this course will provide you with new, valuable knowledge and skills in the total process of operating a 3D concrete printer.

We advise a 10-day training course if you will be working with a 3D concrete printing system frequently. In addition to learning how to operate the system, you will gain comprehension into its underlying concepts and develop your skills as an expert operator.

Why this course?
In this 6-day course, you will gain experience in 3D concrete printing using our CyBe RC Robotic Crawler printer. After this course you will be able to safely work with the 3D concrete printing system, and you’ll be able to operate the Mixing Pump System, Crawler system, and ABB Robotic arm.

During this training you will print various concrete elements, such as walls, furniture, and small objects, such as flower pots. In addition, you will use our slicing software (Chysel), maintain print statistics, and learn how to use Artysan, our software that controls the robotic arm.

We expect you to have basic knowledge of 3D concrete printing and you must have successfully completed the course, “Learn the basics of 3D concrete printing”.

How does this course work?
  • Get your payment done
  • Our CyBe Team will contact you to schedule the in-person training course.
  • Theory
  • Basic 3Dcp Operator - Getting Started
  • Examination
  • 3Dcp Operator Assessment
  • Certification
  • Congratulations
  • Open Badge! sample
  • Feedback
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed