Mastering Parametric Design for 3D Concrete Printing: Learn Rhino and Grasshopper

In this course, you will learn the art of 3D modeling using Rhinoceros and explore the world of parametric design with the Grasshopper plugin. By the end of the course, you will have the skills to create intricate 3D models and design walls optimized for 3D concrete printing, incorporating various architectural features. In this course you will pursue the knowledge you already have about Rhinoceros & Grasshopper, which makes this an advanced e-learning course.

Course Curriculum
  • Manual wall drawing in Rhino
  • Parametric wall design in Grasshopper
  • Wall check into robot range and segmentation (manual)
  • Comply with printability guidelines for parametric walls.
  • Create wall texture from images
  • Closing

For who is this course?
This course is for print operators or anyone who has experience with 3D modeling and who wants to learn the more advanced knowledge of Rhinoceros & Grasshopper. The course will teach you how to master parametric design for 3D concrete printing by teaching the ins and outs of Rhinoceros & Grasshopper.

Why this course?
This course is essential for anyone interested in 3D concrete printing because creating accurate 3D models is a crucial aspect of the process. By mastering the skills to design and manipulate parametric models, you can save significant time and effort. Parametric models allow for easy adjustments and modifications, leading to substantial time and cost savings.

Prior knowledge
You need to have some prior knowledge, we advise you to participate in the course “Learn how to design in Rhino 3D and slice in Chysel”. By doing this you have the required knowledge to start this advanced e-learning course.

IMPORTANT! In this course you will work with Rhino and Grasshopper. Free trials are available for both programs so make sure you have active licenses before beginning the course Rhino offers a 90-day free trial (Grasshopper is included).

You can purchase the “learn how to design in Rhino 3D and slice in Chysel” over here: Learn how to design in Rhino 3D and slice in Chysel

How does this course work?
  • Watch the video recordings
  • Learning by Doing: conduct the assignments

*Course is available 365 days after purchase
**In this course you will work with Rhino & Grasshopper. Make sure you have an active license for Rhinoceros (Grasshopper included).
  • Mastering Parametric Design for 3Dcp: Learn Rhino and Grasshopper
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed