Become a CyBe Certified Trainer (CCT) (7- CCT)

CyBe Certified Trainers (CCT) are the premier technical and instructional experts in CyBe technology. When you join this respected community of international CyBe training specialists, you will receive exclusive privileges, such as access to the whole collection of authorized CyBe training and certification materials, as well as significant savings on exams, books and other CyBe products.

Course Curriculum
  • Knowledge demonstration: sharing skills and experience
  • Knowledge transfer using didactic techniques
  • Target groups
  • Blended training
  • Safety issues
  • Practice training
  • Feedback
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For who is this course?
The CCT program is for educators around the world who want to deliver operator training on CyBe 3D concrete printing technologies. If you have a 3D concrete print operator certification and are passionate about training others on CyBe’s technologies, this is the course for you.

Why this course?
As a certified 3D concrete printing operator, this course will teach you how to share your knowledge and skills. You will learn how to give theoretical instruction on 3D concrete printing and our Chysel and Artysan software. You will also learn how to give printer instruction, explain assignments, and coach and monitor the trainees who follow the course. You will test your knowledge and skills by assessing and grading these participants. As a certified trainer, you will be able to assess and certify new CyBe 3D concrete printer operators in accordance with CyBe Construction’s international standards.

Trainers must have obtained their CyBe 3Dcp R(C) operator or 3Dcp G operator certificate in order to participate in the training. They must also have at least 600 hours of experience with CyBe’s 3D concrete printers. The operator requires on-site as (semi) precast projects experiences. The operator must have on-site experience with (semi) precast projects, and must have successfully completed the following courses: 3D concrete printing design, Advanced rotor-stator, and Rhino 3D and Chysel.

How does this course work?
  • Get your payment done
  • Our CyBe Team will contact you to schedule the training course.

*Travel and accommodation expenses are not included
  • Welcome!
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed