Become an expert at operating rotor-stators (3- RotorStator)

Gain experience operating progressive cavity pumps (rotors-stators) on the Mixing Pump System. Training and proper handling will increase the system’s lifespan and help you achieve better printing results with fewer fluctuations and printing errors.

Course Curriculum
  • What is a Rotor Stator
  • Assembly of Rotor Stator
  • Adjusting Rotor Stator during start-up
  • Adjusting Rotor Stator during printing
  • Assignment: Learning by Doing
  • Closing

For who is this course?
This course is for everyone who can operate a 3D concrete printer (3Dcp) and want to learn more about it. The level of this course is at Advanced Operator level.

Why this course?
The Rotor Stator is part of the Mixing Pump System (MPS) and is a wear item. Thereby, the bolts on the stator have to be adjusted overtime and when the Rotor Stator is worn out, the Rotor Stator has to be replaced. This requires knowledge and skills to adjust and replace the Rotor Stator correctly and at the right time.

Prior knowledge
This is an Advanced Operator course, so we expect you have successfully completed the 'Become a 3D concrete printer operator Course' and you have experience in operating a 3Dcp system.

How does this course work?
  • Watch the video recordings
  • Learning by Doing: conduct the assignments

*Course is available 365 days after purchase
  • Advanced Operator: Rotor Stator
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever